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Experienced Representation In Administrative Appeals

Established in 1982, the legal firm of Cacace, Tusch & Santagata handles administrative appeals and hearings involving many types of agencies, at the local, state or federal level. We are adept at understanding complexities in highly regulated areas such as real estate, environmental matters and employment law issues.

Our attorneys can offer experienced advocacy at every level of the administrative process, from administrative boards and agencies to appeals in courts across Connecticut.

Representing Individuals And Corporate Clients In Administrative Proceedings

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Cacace, Tusch & Santagata represents a wide range of clients in administrative proceedings held by municipal and state regulatory agencies. We work with individuals as well as businesses, real estate developers, telecommunication carriers, telecommunication and broadcast site owners and developers, commercial and residential landlords, and employers.

Our attorneys can provide thorough representation throughout the regulatory process, from initial permit applications to administrative appeals that span the following areas:

  • Land use and environmental issues: If you require representation before a Planning Board, Zoning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Environmental Protection Board, or another state or municipal land use board or commission, our firm can assist you in formulating, submitting and presenting your application. Trust your application to Michael Cacace, named by New York Magazine as Stamford’s best Land Use and Zoning Lawyer in 2011. If the result you need isn’t available at the board level, Cacace, Tusch & Santagata can pursue your interests through an appeal to the Connecticut Superior Court.
  • Developing a telecommunication or broadcast site: Permitting an antenna structure or a rooftop site requires knowledge of both municipal processes and the Connecticut Siting Council. Cacace, Tusch & Santagata has been winning approval of broadcast and telecom sites for telecommunication clients since 1992. We have experience with all types of installations, including multi-carrier freestanding structures, stealth sites and rooftops. The firm has access to the legal and technical expertise to skillfully and aggressively present your application.
  • Employment issues before Connecticut agencies: Cacace, Tusch & Santagata represents employers and employees before the Department of Labor, the Board of Labor Relations, the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, and the Workers Compensation Commission. We can help you address wage and hour audits, unemployment compensation applications, and grievances under collective bargaining contracts.
  • Municipal enforcement actions: If questions arise regarding your property’s compliance with federal, state or municipal regulations, contact Cacace, Tusch & Santagata. We can handle administrative appeals and hearings involving building code compliance, health code issues, residential rental property standards and disability specifications. Our civil litigation experience allows us to pursue our clients’ interests through appeals at the Superior Court level and beyond.
  • Professional licensing: If you are facing a professional standards or licensing issue, Cacace, Tusch & Santagata can help. State departments and commissions charged with regulating trades and professions have mechanisms established to appeal negative decisions. If you have been denied a professional license, or unreasonable conditions have been imposed on your ability to engage in your profession, let us work with you to correct the situation.
  • Insurance coverage: Private insurers generally have their own processes for resolving coverage disputes. If those internal processes produce unsatisfactory results, an insured can pursue remedies in court or through the Connecticut Insurance Department. Cacace, Tusch & Santagata can represent you at all levels of an insurance coverage dispute. If we can’t get the result you need by working with the insurer, we can pursue your claim through civil litigation to seek remedies through your policy and Connecticut law, including the Unfair Insurance Practices Act.

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