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Seasoned Attorneys Assisting With Appellate Court Representation

Cacace, Tusch & Santagata maintains a successful appellate practice that is built upon practical experience, a thorough knowledge of the appellate process and advanced skills in research and writing. Trial counsel from other firms consult us on issues involving appeals or to request us to handle the appeal itself. Our firm handles state, federal and administrative appeals.

Since 1982, we have effectively presented legal arguments in appellate court on behalf of appellants and appellees.  From our offices in Stamford, we serve current clients and referrals in the Appellate Court, Supreme Court and administrative appeal proceedings throughout Connecticut.

Our attorneys have the skillset to advance successful appeals, including:

  • Thorough knowledge of the appellate court processes,
  • Ability to critically assess and analyze the trial court record,
  • Experience in appellate motion practice and appellate brief preparation,
  • Written and oral argument skills that effectively persuade a panel of judges,
  • The creative ability to consider possible expansion or extension of existing law.

Appealing Unfavorable Decisions At The Trial Level

Our trial-level civil litigation attorneys and family law practices allow us to identify issues that can be advanced to the appellate level. We can also defend civil and family trial decisions that have been appealed.

If Cacace, Tusch & Santagata handles your trial, we can preserve potential appellate issues to provide options for a possible appeal, giving us the option to advance issues to Connecticut’s Appellate Court and Supreme Court.

Appealing An Administrative Board Or Agency Decision

We can also advance appeals to the Connecticut Superior Court from administrative boards and agencies like the Zoning Board, the Board of Assessment Appeal, or the Environmental Protection Board. Our knowledge of the administrative process, combined with our civil litigation and appellate practices, provides us with the perspective to aggressively and skillfully pursue your appeal.

Assistance With A Probate Court Appeal

Probate Court decisions can be appealed to the Connecticut Superior Court.  Our estate and probate practice, in combination with our ability to knowledgeably represent our clients at trial, gives us the ability to effectively advocate for our clients as they seek to overturn or defend judgments of the Probate Court.

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