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Guidance Through Civil Litigation Matters

Attorneys from Cacace, Tusch & Santagata litigate in state and federal courts throughout Connecticut, including the Connecticut Superior Court. We provide representation in all courts, including the appellate level, allowing us to provide clients with a complete range of litigation services.

Deciding Whether Civil Litigation Is Your Best Option

Our attorneys’ approach to civil litigation and dispute resolution is both practical and aggressive. We employ all means of dispute resolution to provide the most effective result. Our goal is to maximize your leverage in the controversy and then employ mediation, arbitration or litigation to resolve the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before initiating a lawsuit, our attorneys will work with you to evaluate the controversy, allowing you to make a reasoned decision as to whether litigation is warranted or whether there are other alternatives that may furnish you with the desired outcome. Whether representing a plaintiff or defending a claim, we help our clients to analyze the controversy from an objective business perspective and present them with all options. Before embarking on civil litigation to resolve a dispute, we make sure that pursuing a claim in Connecticut Superior Court makes sense from both a financial and personal perspective.

If litigation is the best course of action to protect our clients’ interests, we pursue that option without compromise, utilizing our decades of experience to act as aggressive advocates for our client’s position. As Cacace, Tusch & Santagata in Stamford, Connecticut, provides representation in multiple disciplines, we can approach conflicts with a depth of knowledge not available at all law firms. If the controversy involves real estate, construction law, employment issues, estate or probate disputes, family law, property valuation, landlord-tenant cases, or any of the other fields in which we practice, we can analyze the situation from multiple perspectives.

Matters In Other Forums Than Court

In addition to pursuing matters in Connecticut Superior Court and the state’s higher courts, Cacace, Tusch & Santagata is experienced in alternative methods of conflict resolution. We also represent clients before administrative boards and agencies. We can present your case to the Board of Labor Relations, the Department of Labor, the Connecticut Siting Council, the Connecticut Insurance Commissioner, any municipal board or agency, and most state entities that resolve disputes. We can also pursue expedient and economical resolution of your civil claim or your divorce action through mediation or arbitration.

Representing All Of Your Dispute Resolution Needs

From the inception of litigation through the appeal process, clients look to our firm as a trusted advocate for disputes that may arise in any of the following areas:

  • Construction litigation, including disputes involving construction contracts, new home construction and home improvement
  • Resolution of all aspects of family law controversies, including post-judgment modifications and post-judgment enforcement
  • Debt collection
  • Contract violations
  • Employment disputes
  • Valuation law, including tax appeals and condemnation
  • Personal injury claims
  • Commercial disputes
  • Probate disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Zoning and land use appeals
  • Administrative appeals
  • Commercial or residential landlord-tenant issues

Let Us Serve You

Cacace, Tusch & Santagata provides legal advice to clients across Connecticut for issues that include Stamford zoning regulations, family court, estate planning and much more. Need a real estate lawyer or personal injury lawyer, help with a lease agreement, or have questions on criminal law or business law? Cacace, Tusch & Santagata covers it all – contact us at 203-327-2000 today!