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CT History & Legal Ramifications of Same-Sex Ruling

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Family Law, Firm News

History of Same-Sex Unions in Connecticut

Connecticut became the third state, after Massachusetts and California, to have a legislative body vote in favor of same-sex marriage. Prior to the legalization of same sex marriages in Connecticut, Connecticut recognized civil unions between same sex couples. On October 1, 2010, civil unions ceased to be performed, and existing civil unions were automatically converted into marriages. At that time all statutory references to marriage were replaced with gender-neutral language.

Same Sex divorces across state lines.

A same sex couple married in another state can have their marriage dissolved in Connecticut. They would have to follow the same statutory requirements of having their foreign matrimonial judgment recognized in Connecticut, as would a heterosexual couple. A same sex couple married in Connecticut can have their marriage dissolved in another state by following that state’s requirement for the registration of a foreign matrimonial judgment.

Married couples are entitled to the same legal rights in all states.

This past June, the US Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples be allowed to marry, no matter where they live. With the recent Supreme Court decision, a married same sex couple is entitled to the same legal rights as a heterosexual couple, the right to be legally married and the right to have their marriage dissolved or annulled, no matter where they live in the United States.