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Factors to consider when choosing a commercial space

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Real Estate

Selecting a commercial space is a significant decision that must be taken seriously. There are several factors that you must think about when you’re trying to decide what type of space you’ll need. Finding a space that meets all your company’s needs can enhance your chances of success when operating within it.

One of the first things you must decide is whether you will lease or purchase. Typically, leasing is less costly initially, but you may pay more if you lease long-term. Buying is more expensive upfront, but it’s an investment in the business that may or may not be worth your capital.

Location and accessibility

One of the most important considerations you’ll need to contemplate in re: your company’s space is the location of the building. Having a good location can help you to pull more business in and/or to tap the best talent. You must consider zoning as to where you want your business located as well. It’s sometimes possible to have a lot re-zoned, but this is often a complex process that your company may or may not have time to navigate right now.

Financial obligation

Another primary consideration is the financial obligation you’ll agree to when selecting a space. If you purchase, you’ll have to cover all the additional expenses tied to the commercial property, from upkeep to taxes. If you lease a commercial space, review the terms of the proposed agreement to clearly determine what you will be responsible for paying. In both cases, you’ll have to take steps to keep your company’s cash flow at a point where you can comfortably pay for everything related to the business.

Ultimately, you must do what you feel is best for your business. Regardless of how you handle the need to find a commercial space for your company, you must thoroughly read applicable documents before signing them. You also must ensure zoning and other legal requirements. Seeking legal guidance can make this easier and provide another layer of protection for your company.